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11.07.2019 How much $ 1,000 invested in bitcoins, Ethereum, community, litecoin is on the top 2017-18 market will be worth today ... If an investor bought $ 1,000 per bitcoin on top of the market, how much would their investment be worth today? Take a look at the data and find out. read more

Protesters set fire to a paramedic-turned-Bitcoin entrepreneur Sphelele “Sgumza” the Mbat at home, after the collapse of his Ponzi scheme-like “investment scheme” ...Growth regulators on the background of this year, the re-emergence of cryptocurrencies brings some of the biggest supporters of the speculative asset classes' on ...

The dollar fell to a week low on Thursday after bleak comments from fed Chairman Jerome Powell on the U.S. economy has strengthened ...Thursday, July 11, the European session: the U.S. dollar extended losses after the fed Chairman Jerome Powell opened the door to lower interest rates. He said.Digital coin triples in price largely due to their own plans cryptocurrencies in Facebook.

The dollar was stuck at five-day low on Thursday after the fed Chairman Jerome Powell left the door open for the US lowering interest rates, investors ...We could see bitcoin is trading around $9000 very soon, as the demand and turnover show signs of weakness. Sellers will soon notice it.
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