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13.08.2019 Bitcoin stopped pending the reduction of ... From August 10, BTC was wedged in the narrow range of about 11400 $and still has difficulty with the definition of the parties, Izv. read more

Riots in Argentina and Hong Kong, which makes local investors to pay a premium for bitcoin, crypto-currencies with the leading be less asylum ......

The spread between the price of bitcoin in South Korea and the US based crypto exchanges who returned in June and hit 16-month highs, disappeared ...Shocking result in the primary of the President of Argentina, reports Argentinian peso in freefall. And the price of bitcoin is reaping the benefits.Bitcoin can be many things depending on how it is used. Form of digital money, financial instrument on short-term gains, long-term investment, or as we.

Bitcoin generated stronger risk-adjusted returns than gold and the S&P 500 over the past year, according to a recent analysis. Cryptocurrency will continue ...Former analyst at Goldman Sachs turned bitcoin maximalist Murad Makhmudov believes that top cryptocurrencies will reach $100000.
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