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11.09.2019 British artist sells paintings for 19 490 bitcoin ... The British actor announced that he has sold a collection of 19 colors for a total amount of 490 bitcoin. The price extracted for collection at the time. read more

Chris's note: last week, hundreds of people in Argentina who lined up to get their savings from the Bank. If you don't live there, you may think this doesn't affect you.Sorry Bulls, bitcoin price falling over. For the last day, the cryptocurrency has declined, falling to $10050 times.

The city of Berkeley Councilmember, Ben Bartlett, was the first elected official in California for the purchase of hemp with the help of digital assets.The situation in Argentina throws from bad to worse as the economic crisis in the country deepens. Unfortunately, it is increasingly in the South ...SaskEnergy is warning people about a telemarketing Scam that tells customers to pay their last hotel bill, or even bitcoin.

Twitter and Facebook feud is nothing new, most of us already know about it, to take it a little further, Twitter CEO has a slot to talk about a new cryptocurrency ...As one redditor notes that China is now one bitcoin point of failure.
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