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13.01.2018 Visual comparison between bitcoin and other markets ... The world gold Council has estimated that the world's common ground gold reserves amount to 187,200 tonnes. Bitcoin has a maximum 21 million coins. Visual comparison between bitcoin and gold and bitcoin are created by the process ... read more

“There's been some huge hacks cryptocurrency exchanges in the past, and this trend will only continue.” He adds that the owners of bitcoin “is not advised to keep your money for services.” Instead, users should keep it in offline mode, the so-called “cold ...The leaked documents showed that China's top Internet-the financial regulator has required local authorities to stimulate bitcoin mining works - those that use the computers to check and add to the public registry for cryptocurrency rewards - to make an “orderly exit”. Financial ...

Enthusiasts of bitcoin in the last few days witnessed a media spreading rumors about South Korea's ban on the cryptocurrency. It is, as always, caused some panic selling. But Hey, don't be upset. Colonel Sanders is here to spread the joy of fried chicken ...Bitcoin's been a tough week, one strategist sees $10,000 as the next key level to watch.
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