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13.01.2018 Bitcoin investors banned to use their mega-profits to purchase a home amid money laundering fears ... The problem with cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, is that they are not regulated by Central banks. Instead, they are stored in digital form using electronic IDs that allow them to remain anonymous and can be used by hackers ... read more

Individuals and criminals are planning to use bitcoin to launder money it is better to follow the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin. During an interview at the economic club in Washington, said Mnuchin that he is working with representatives from G-20 found some interesting photos, describing the market capitalization in the world's money and markets. Each unit square is worth $ 100 billion.

More and more people tend to invest in cryptocurrency, the bitcoin's recent surge in prices, but they can become a target for hackers. Several bitcoin exchanges have been hacked in the past, as a result of ...The world gold Council has estimated that the world's common ground gold reserves amount to 187,200 tonnes. Bitcoin has a maximum 21 million coins. Visual comparison between bitcoin and gold and bitcoin are created by the process ...
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