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12.02.2018 This week in bitcoin: who do you believe? ... Looks like bitcoin is back on track after a glorious green candle sent him scurrying above $9K, but the joy was short-lived. Perhaps feeling the effects of the global economic downturn caused by the sliding stock market, bitcoin was dragged back in ... read more

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are mainly known for their potential to obtain (and lately losing) very quickly the value. But if, as their supporters suggest they should become the standard unit of currency to the digital age, they ...While this cryptocurrency battle cry is usually used as a coin begins the ascent, this time the slogan's use to show excitement for the progress that's are made on a long-awaited bitcoin code optimization. Call himself. ..

Hacking at an unprecedented scale, thousands of government websites worldwide have been compromised within the framework of a criminal scheme to mine cryptocurrency, called Miner, which, like Bitcoin and Ethereum's blockchain, but with a heavy accent ...And the main regulator was the hero for the cryptocurrency community, after upbeat comments about bitcoin and other digital currencies. The libertarian wing of the crypto community tend to be afraid of attention ...
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