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13.02.2018 Bull Resistance? The bitcoin price needs to break above $9K ... Bitcoin bulls run the risk of losing control if prices to see a convincing break above $ 9,000 in the near future, according to technical graphics. Anxiety that the cryptocurrency is not two times to hold above $8,900, as indicated CoinDesks'bitcoin price ... read more

The European Central Bank has a clear enough message No. 1 of the virtual currency in the world: not our problem. In what appears to be a General memo on its website, the ECB set out all of the most sensitive issues that bitcoin BTCUSD, -1.16 ...Coins, representing a bitcoin sitting is reflected on the polished surface, and photographed on a background image the background of molten gold pours from a bucket in this photo is located in London, United Kingdom, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018. Digital currency. ..

“Bitcoin is a speculative asset. In other words, is that you can play on profits, but with the risk that you will lose your investment,” the Central Bank concludes. He also says governing or restricting the emerging market of crypto ...The price of one bitcoin held steady for the last 24 hours, as a growing number of news, detailed hacks and scandals in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. At 13:41 GMT bitcoin is trading at $8,573.55, 3.5% of the price per day ...
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