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14.02.2018 Arizona is ready to accept tax payments in bitcoin ... The law was displaced on to be considered by Arizona's house of representatives. Under the bill, the state'Department income, when receiving payments in crypto for “taxes and fines and penalties” will be required to convert ... read more

Bitcoin seems to only test for 10 000 dollars, as in technical analysis, although some investors fear the New year according to the lunar calendar can play a spoilsport. In the eve of new year holidays (from Feb. 15), the Chinese and South Koreans often to exchange bitcoin for Fiat ..."in some sense, the best bitcoin and blockchain technology in General, adheres to that vision of personal freedom" that Barlow's favorite, said Patrick Murck, an employee of Klein's Berkman Center for Internet & society at Harvard law school. Barlow. ..

Ethereum's last year the Sharpe ratio is amazing (and unsustainable) 41.4, while bitcoin and#39;s "only" 6.6. Despite these returns, the Bank JPMorgan warns investors that cryptocurrency should't be used as the main fence. In General, I call on the cryptocurrency ...Despite the common misconception that high-flying startup ripple or blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, CEO brad Garlinghouse thinks she's something easier and not just a business, trying to catch the latest technical buzzwords. “We are the payments ...
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