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14.02.2018 Want to buy things with bitcoins? The company wants to help ... The company, the company that home's digital wallets for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a new payment method. The service, called the last trade, & quot;allows merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies" so the money is transferred directly into your ... read more

During the two-hour session of questions and answers on Wednesday at the meeting of the Daily journal for the shareholders, Vice-Chairman of berkshire hathaway and longtime buddy Warren Buffett said he believes the current bitcoin craze to be "absolutely ridiculous ...Stock prices of the digital currency, bitcoin pushing back above $9000 to the level of 11-day high.

The tension between the Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin and cash (BCH) camps gradually boil over the last couple of months. But now the situation escalated to the point where even the Creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee was forced to take his position ...His remarks (German) come as other top European bankers are aligned with public statements expressing skepticism about bitcoin and related digital currencies. On Tuesday, the ECB released a graphic dubbing bitcoin not a Currency, but "speculative ...
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