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13.06.2018 How many Bitcoins you would have spent on Warhol? ... When Andy's Warhol'with fourteen small electric chairs will be auctioned on 20 June, the picture won't just dangle fine art dealers and collectors. Bitcoin billionaire no doubt tune in to watch and maybe buy in the world's first-ever public ... read more

Bitcoin further decline on Wednesday after an initial drop after the announcement at the weekend that the South Korean bitcoin exchange was hacked. Other major cryptocurrencies have also considerably weakened. Bitcoin trading in 6,455$.91 before on ...Still in 2018, bitcoin fell nearly 53 percent, after last year which soared by more than 1,300 percent. Sunday, Coinrail, a relatively small cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, said its system had come under “cyber-attack” that resulted in the loss of about 30 ...
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