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11.07.2018 Bitcoin is the best choice for investors cryptocurrency, writes the wall Street trader ... Bitcoin is still the best choice for bitcoin investors, as people "and using" is Bart Smith told CNBC. "if you want to own an asset that You can use today, and that people are able to use, it'bitcoin," Smith, head of Digital ... read more

According to the report CoinJournal, power the bitcoin network has increased in recent months, rising more than 100% in just 4 months. In June 2018, the network capacity was more than 40 As compared to the 2017 peak on 13 A/C.After a weak rally according to the volume decreases, bitcoin is currently in the middle of its first major rollback about 2 weeks. Over the last week or so, bitcoin has managed to break its steady downward trend and trends inside the macro of the trading range (TR ...
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