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12.01.2019 Why compare bitcoin (BTC) with the current cycle with the previous one is wrong ... A recent annual correction convinced most investors and analysts that the bitcoin (BTC) repeats the same cycle as before. read more

On Thursday (January 10), after the fall in the price of bitcoin below $ 4,000, "Bloomberg technology, Bloomberg TV" will show popular segment ...One of the analysts says that bitcoin should finish the weekend over $3700, in order to rise above, otherwise it will probably fall in the low-$3000 region.

Currently, the bitcoin is free for grabs if you can solve the riddle hidden in the painting. Popular street artist Pascal Bart, aka Pboy created a painting in Paris, ...Bitcoin (BTC) Cryptocurrency–despite the bear market in 2018, which has seen prices of cryptocurrencies in all directions falling more than 90 percent, there is ...Bitcoin can survive the tough year, the best investment opportunities elsewhere.

The cryptocurrency market were bleeding the last few days and a lot of coins that prevailed in the market during the bullish phase...Despite the value of crypto is reduced by more than 80% in 2018 and continuing bear market is characterized by more wild swings in 2019, Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Goldman ...
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