Upcoming Token Sales & ICO
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Transforming the Global Container Shipping Industry Transforming the Global Container Shipping Industry Blockshipping is creating the Gscp platform, which will be both the first real time registry of the world’s approximately 27 million shipping containers and a joint platform for all players in the container shipping industry. The Gscp platform will be based on blockchain and modern sensor technology, and it has the potential to reduce costs for the global shipping industry to the tune of USD 5.7bn annually and reduce the global CO2 emission by more than 4.6 million tons every year.The Gscp Ico offers contributors a unique set of token features including the benefits of a Revenue Sharing Model as well as a Market Maker Fund that allows ICO contributors to sell their coins back to the platform at a floor price. It is the first ICO to be based on a new Danish framework called The ICO 2.0 Framework.
P2P counterfeit free, transparent art marketplace enabled by blockchain technology P2P counterfeit free, transparent art marketplace enabled by blockchain technology All Public Art Apa provides a unique platform that contributes to the growth and sustainability of the global art community by supporting the art market, igniting artist-to-collector trading, and storing the provenance of art on the blockchain. All Public Art disrupts the art market with a robust, peer-to-peer trading platform utilizing blockchain technology to eliminate counterfeiting and intermediary price manipulation.
Ending the exploitation of charitable giving Ending the exploitation of charitable giving Little Phil uses blockchain technology and user experience Ux designed around a positive psychology framework to allow people to have the oversight, control and emotional connection of a philanthropist, without giving large amounts. People are able to give on their terms through their smartphone and track their giving all the way to the moment it’s received. This will create an engaging experience that makes them genuinely feel the positive impact they have had on their cause. In addition to this, charities will have solutions to their fundraising and exploitation concerns at a much lower cost than they currently incur.
Protocol for decentralized opinion markets Protocol for decentralized opinion markets The Finnoq protocol produces a better basis for decisions by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd and game theory principles. The protocol is an open source digital infrastructure for decentralized opinion markets where developers have access to. Every developer can build their application on top of the Finnoq. The developer will be able to choose modules from the service layer. Modules are the bridge between the Finnoq Core and its end applications and represent different kinds of voting parameters. Templates are also generated as pre-defined groups of modules, proven to execute for an end application. All modules can be easily integrated into an application with an standardized API.
Blockchain platform for scientific projects with decentralized evaluation Blockchain platform for scientific projects with decentralized evaluation Scientificcoin is a blockchain based crowdfunding platform. Its main purpose is to provide financial support for scientific projects. ScientificCoin is an opportunity for any scientific project to raise funds.
Digital Ecosystem of Learning Digital Ecosystem of Learning Aiar is democratizing education for the 2.5 billion people in need worldwide. By using new technology to innovate totally new processes, instead of repairing old ones, Aiar is providing the world’s first mobile ecosystem for lifelong learning with 360 content scope. A much needed solution to the three key challenges the industry is faced with. Motivation: even with thousands of courses to choose from, none of them takes into consideration our individual preferences in learning. Trust: widespread fraud in online certifications doesn’t make them credible enough, rendering a completion rate as low as 7%. Cost: traditional education isn’t accessible to all, and the increasing demand for lifelong learning makes even online courses a burden. Aiar Digital Ecosystem of Learning solves all these issues.
ONe Social Network Bringing it all Together ONe Social Network Bringing it all Together Blockchain based technologies and cryptocurrencies have the ability to revolutionize the way people interact on social media, making the entire process more secure through self-governance and individual ownership of data. Social media is a hallmark of today’s world, generating hundreds of billions of interactions each day. However, most channels where these occur are owned by companies and outside interests, which harvest them for information and often retain all rights to use media developed and posted. One is a next generation social network that uses the latest technologies to provide a wide range of services that are digitally secure and private for our users. Combining the latest in Blockchain and Dapp technologies with built in privacy and security features. One gives customers the ability to control their data and privacy on a level never before seen.
Decentralized Business Platform and B2B Social Network powered by Blockchain Decentralized Business Platform and B2B Social Network powered by Blockchain Zaza is a decentralized Business Platform and B2b network powered by Blockchain. Their mission is to provide a global business platform where companies are able to improve their business activity, achieve their business goals and create worldwide trustworthy partnerships. They aim to help companies create reliable, valuable and decentralized B2B connections. Their blockchain based platform will solve many problems that the B2B market is currently facing such as: Difficulties in finding deals ,trust issues between potential and existing partners, high cost of advertising, lack of transparency in B2B procedures. This project will be one of the first in the industry and comes with 3 in 1 full option platform.  The platform will provide its users with 3 core functionalities : Deal Generator, Trading Platform and B2B Network.
Blockchain based storage solution Blockchain based storage solution Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project.Through the logical decoupling and separate implementation of Lambda Chain and Lambda DB, they provide infinitely scalable data storage capabilities to decentralized applications and achieve Multi chain data cooperative storage, cross chain data management, data privacy protection, data ownership proof, distributed intelligent computing and other services.
Decentralized P2P multi functional platform Decentralized P2P multi functional platform Liquid8 aspires to be the next-generation financial services platform that will help bridge the gap between real world assets and the emerging digital economy with the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts.  Liquid8 will offers a complete off-chain and on-chain tokenization protocol to put the world’s assets on blockchain securely and seamlessly. The tokenized asset can then be exchanged and loaned between community members via Liquid8's multi-asset wallet. Liquid8's multi-asset wallet will be connected to the multi functional platform, making it an one stop solution for storing and managing crypto assets and tokenized assets, as well as a gateway to obtain financial services and products within your fingertip.
A Decentralized Physical Commodities Trading Platform A Decentralized Physical Commodities Trading Platform Kratos a decentralized commodities trading platform, significantly transforms and enhances international physical commodity trading across its whole product life cycle. Commodity trading challenges include insufficient trust, manual documentation, and unnecessary intermediaries. These problems often result in significant time delays and high cost.
Venture into sports Venture into sports Sportvest Venture Fund will divest the Token-Sale proceeds over a period of time  investing in a portfolio of diversified sports businesses that operate both on or off the blockchain Digital Assets with all potential investments being approved by the Fund’s Advisory Board. Through the use of blockchain technology, Sportvest captures the value of our sports Fun using a Token that is publicly tradable. The values of the Portfolio Companies who constitute the Fund are continuously assessed based on an innovative approach utilizing token micro-sales Power Law Sales providing them with a stream of market value based estimates, along with their Brand Equity Algorithms and Nav measurements to provide a basis for the most accurate valuation of these Portfolio Companies. Their valuation Algorithm is a multi-factor estimation algorithm that can learn and adapt within a band around these more formal estimates and adjust based on Kalman Filters to mitigate errors and some of the flaws in human judgement currently in Vc Nav models.
Connect blockchain with real world Connect blockchain with real world The Primary system consists of three components: the existing locations, a decentralized blockchain platform which connects our members worldwide and a token system which links digitally created value to the world economy. Primary is built by rent24, one of the fastest growing providers of coworking and coliving spaces worldwide.
Key Management Protocol for the Decentralized Web Key Management Protocol for the Decentralized Web Tenzorum is a key management protocol for the decentralized web. It is a decentralized Blockchain infrastructure project that is creating seamless integrations and access systems to abstract all the confusion of dealing with cryptographic keys, and allow anyone to interact with Blockchain Products in a secure way.
Token based affiliate network connecting creators, brands and publishers across the globe Token based affiliate network connecting creators, brands and publishers across the globe The Flatlay Marketplace is a visual publishing platform enabling users to participate in incentivized affiliate and content marketing programs. The Flatlay Marketplace began in 2015, already adding over 10,000 registered content creators, over 3,000 brands along with hundreds of retailers to their growing interactive commerce platform. Currently, influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing advertising segments. In fact, millions of The Flatlay Marketplace posts are already shared daily leaving billions of dollars in unmonetized content on the platform. The Flatlay Marketplace and Creditcoin (CCOIN) provide brands with an integrated workflow management and payment system. This allows brands and publishers to seamlessly integrate products into a global network eliminating many issues associated with cross-border payments and multi-channel content tracking. The publishing platform offers a decentralized method for influencers to participate in affiliate programs across social networks. The Flatlay Marketplace strategically incorporates adopted concepts from traditional social media combining them within a commerce-driven marketplace to provide a comprehensive solution to address evolving consumer behavior focused on moments of discovery. The Flatlay Marketplace is the premier visual publishing platform for influencers and publishers offering a turnkey e-commerce solution with a frictionless payout system facilitated with Creditcoin (CCOIN).Creditcoin (CCOIN) is positioned as the token for standardization and transparency across the growing ecosystem of influencers and social channels which need a standard of payment within the worldwide influencer market. Creditcoin (CCOIN) is a unified rewards-based token allowing users to shop everywhere whether on or offline. Creditcoin (CCOIN) offers a complimentary platform to all existing content marketing networks, providing an eCommerce performance based model that is an extension to all brands and networks.
Next Gen solution Shaping The Future of Online Hotel Booking Next Gen solution Shaping The Future of Online Hotel Booking
Privacy preserving data analysis by design Privacy preserving data analysis by design Madana is the first ever Ico and Sidechain project on the Lisk Blockchain. Madana stands for an open data analysis platform, preserving privacy by design. The blockchain-based ecosystem allows anyone to stay in control of their data while monetizing it in an anonymous way. Madana aims to provide a Gdpr compliant way for data processing, enabling new business models for future Apps and Services. German Ico with approval from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.
From Blockchain to Crowdchain From Blockchain to Crowdchain Bloxia is the first Blockchain Accelerator and combines Human & Artificial Intelligence in a community driven One-Stop-Ecosystem for the crowd. Bloxia  unlocks Blockchain & Crypto for mass adoption by simplifying the current complexity in a safe and regulatory compliant wallet-based ecosystem with 4 frameworks.
Blockchained Energy And Telecommunications Blockchained Energy And Telecommunications Blockchained Energy And Telecommunications, RĪX as the name of the Token. Beatrix is a collaboration of companies, combining years of experience in area-independent industries.
Global platform for Money Transfer Operators Global platform for Money Transfer Operators Zed Network is a platform for Money Transfer Operators Mtos using Zed tokens for instant remittance settlements.
The open network for social savings communities The open network for social savings communities Chamapesa will support and improve financial security for Saving Circles around the world, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. Their hybrid blockchain technology will enable this by running on low-powered handsets and 2G mobile networks.
Fully operational, browser-based eSports tournament platform Fully operational, browser-based eSports tournament platform Yamzu is determined to become a leading Esports tournament provider and host, one both affiliated with P2p Peer to Peer gaming as well as with significant regional and global tournaments. The fact that Yamzu already supports an active platform gives strength to our projections. In the future, they will work with game developers by forming symbiotic relationships surrounding the creation of new games. In doing so, both Yamzu and value creators e.g. developers will collaborate to encourage more gamers to participate at the intersection of paid gaming and cryptocurrency.
Re-Inventing Parking Ecosystem Re-Inventing Parking Ecosystem Parkres is an easily adoptable Green, Clean and Smart Parking Reservation Platform that is accessible over a public API and freely available mobile applications. By utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain and Park Utility Tokens, Parkres will offer a variety of solutions and smart contracts that will directly benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders within urban metropolises and smaller cities.  Parkres provides a state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across a city and parking lots. It employs an IoT Internet of Things based sensory network to track and monitor the parking spots across parking locations to suggest or allow you to reserve parking spots closest to your destination in advance.  This revolutionary service saves countless time, hassle, traffic congestion, fuel and paper waste as transactions are made with the Parkres cryptocurrency and payments can be made by phone, online, auto payments, or monthly subscriptions. System also allows making payments by Fiat currencies and credit cards if user chose to do so over digital currencies.
Power of Social Commerce with Blockchain Power of Social Commerce with Blockchain Using the Erc-20 Fanfare Token Fan Token, Fanfare is building a Social Commerce ecosystem where content creators, consumers and brands can connect intimately via the exchange of value through Fan Tokens